My First Product Review: The P-Knot


I am taking the time this evening to introducing the P-Knot!!green_p-knot_withWristband-510x600

I discovered this neat little thing at my CrossFit gym. The P-Knot is the new foam roller! Well, it’s better than your average foam roller. Its peanut shaped design makes it easier to apply pressure to a specific muscle area and provide a self-massage or Self Myofascial Release (SMR). It works just like a foam roller but better! After a long day of sitting at a desk or a workout I love massaging out all of the kinks and sore spots in between my shoulder blades (aka T-spine). “P-Knotting” is an easy and natural way to provide relief from the knot, kinks, and trigger points in your back.

Say goodbye to the double lacrosse ball! The P-Knot is a genius idea!

Whether you have occasional muscle pain, poor posture, or want to do something good for your body, the P-Knot is for you!

If you have a moment I would definitely recommend checking out the P-Knot’s website! —->  Right here –> WEBSITE!


IMG_4147 (1)


It even comes in pink! 🙂

Happy P-Knotting!



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